• Buying Houses: EZ

  • Posted on January 29, 2016
  • People often need to sell their homes quicker than the traditional method allows for. There is a traditional system for a reason, it helps people to get the best possible deal out of it—by hosting open-houses, waiting through a bid process, and working with an agent these homeowners are able to maximize their dollar, supposedly, though often the extra mortgages they will pay and the agency fees can cut into that extra money. However, there are also good reasons why people choose to sell their homes or properties quickly. That means less time to host open-houses or deal with a bidding process or negotiations. Often, it is these people who turn to EZ House Buyers for help.

    EZ House Buyers was founded by Don McClain, a real estate expert with a wealth of experience in the industry. He believes there was a real need in the industry for a solution for quick real estate sales. Not every homeowner looking to sell has the time to wait for weeks or months while the sale is finalized, Don McClain reasoned. It turns out that he was right and there is a major need for a service that quickly buys homes in Texas. Although it is based out of Houston, EZ House Buyers is able to work with clients in markets all over the state.

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